There are many misnomers and myths regarding bed bugs. I’ve been asked many times “ you mean you can see them.” Yes you can see them and identify once you know what you’re looking at. Bed bugs leave plenty signs to help identify.

1) The first sign and number one is fecal matter spots. These are little black dots on furniture, bed frames, mattress, box springs, in between the baseboard and walls. Here’s a photo.

2) The second item is to remember bed bugs prefer tight areas to harbor. Cracks and crevices areas with protection on all sides. Look for cast skins. The bugs molt and shed their skin when they grow from one stage to the next. Here’s a photo.

3) The is knowing what the bugs are suppose to look like. The bugs can range in size of a pen dot, nymph to full adult. The size of a large watermelon seed. When they first hatch from eggs, they are small and translucent. Stages two through five are brown to dark red. Depending on when they had their last meal.

4) The eggs are also a great clue. Small white capsules. Similar to a very small grain of rice.

5) In some cases they are extremely difficult to see. There are times we use a canine inspector to find the bed bugs. It’s interesting to watch the canine and handler work and find the bed bugs. They are specially trained to detect the bed bugs. The dog and the handler are both certified in bed bug detection.

6) If you do find the bugs the best thing is to call a professional like Mountain Pest Control. They are by far the most difficult insect to control.